work and tumble

Sunday, September 09, 2012


Some pictures of our new apartment, which we have arranged keeping in mind that our sole focus for the next few months will be on being hermit-y grad students. Ergo there are a lot of books and desks and comfy chairs, as well as a lot of places to store said books.

We dragged 6 boxes of books across the country, so one of the first things we bought was a new BILLY bookshelf. I haven't had time to arrange the books alphabetically or by subject or anything (what kind of aspiring librarian am I?), but they are all, at least, on a shelf of some kind (not pictured: two more smaller shelves). So it's still all a bit cluttered ... 

There are nice heaters in each room, which I am looking forward with much anticipation to using - too bad it's still 25'C every day! Ughh.

Somehow there is a lot of WHITE throughout. I think I'm okay with this (except in the kitchen, where I can never seem to keep the white floor tiles clean).

Here is My Desk. While E seems to be able to work anywhere (sprawled out on the bed, couch or in the bath), I need a clearly defined "surface" in order to concentrate.

This week we are officially back to school / work / real life. September has always been an exciting (and/or terrifying) month for me. Even the years without school, the 1st of September has always felt more like "a new year" than January 1st.  So, "Happy New Year," I guess!


  1. Good luck to you both with the new school year! Fresh notebook time...drooooool.

  2. I have found your blog only recently, but it's so lovely! I think I'll stick around. :)

    1. Thanks so much! I should get back to posting more regularly soon - I promise.

  3. I love your book collection! I'm also a big fan of Murakami and Penguin book classics! I have over 500 books in my Brooklyn apartment. When my roommate and I moved in here 5 years ago with dozens of boxes of books, my brother (who was helping us move) suggested I stop reading so much and start watching more TV! ;)