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Monday, March 03, 2014

Le Petit Prince

My sister instilled in me from a very early age a proper appreciation for Le Petit Prince, but I've never owned a copy of this little classic until now. I found this one over the weekend at She Said Boom - it is a reprint of a 1946 French edition by Gallimard, with Saint-Exupéry's original (unretouched) watercolours.

It has a strange little half dust-jacket that's attached at the spine. Underneath, the front and back covers are plain white. I'm sure there's a bibliographical term for this, and that I should probably know it.

The price in Francs:

And a cute little inscription from "Christiane."


  1. Such a pretty edition! But isn't everything somehow more charming in french? I read this in German when I was trying to learn the language but maybe I should re-read in English at some point.

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    1. Whoops, accidentally deleted my comment which was that this is lovely!